Drawing up inventory.  Archive inventories are composed in order to ensure archives' integration in an organization for all closed actions  in clerical correspondence, which are in permanent or temporary (more than 10 years)  storage and which have passed value expertize by staff.

Archive inventory is an  archive guide which contains systematized list of storage units from archive materials. It is intended  to record them and reveal  its content.  Archive inventories are composed separately  for staff files, permanent storage files temporary storage files ( more than 10 years) and also documents that are specific for this organization ( such as investigations, law cases, scientific reports).


Single archive inventory is a  book of business with independent ordinal numeration.  In every business unit of the  organization archive inventories are composed annually under  direct methodic  supervision of  the archival body. Documents are moved to the archive according to these inventories. Archive inventories, prepared by business units, stem for  the preparation of  an overall inventory, which is composed by archive body and according to which it register businesses on a permanent storage.


Archive inventories of business units are prepared  by archive body in the prescribed form  in a set of three. They are given to  archive in a year after  the  termination of   in clerical correspondence.

Inventories' clauses of business unit  include such components as:


1.       Serial number of file (volume, part)  in accordance with the inventory

2.       File (volume, part) dates

3.       File index

4.       Title of file (volume, part); fully corresponding to its title on the cover.

5.       Foliation

6.       Storage time expiration



Annual section  of the overall inventory of organization is composed  by archive on the basis of business units  inventories  under  direct methodic  supervision of  the archival body .


Liquidation of business. In case of liquidation all documents of organization pertain to be moved to permanent state storage.  Documentation is moved to permanent storage properly arranged and include corresponding scientific reference and actuarial  copies of extra valuable and specific documents.

Organization to be dissolved  moves archival documentation including staff documents to city archive by means of internal funds. These documents are moved to city archives on state storage until liquidation is terminated in accordance with legislation.




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